Wednesday, September 28, 2011


During a recent visit to Bondi's Tuchuzy store, two things immediately caught my eye: the effortlessly elegant, vibrant-hued Equipment silk blouses and Anniel calf hair desert boots.

Anniel is an Italian footwear label that is originally renowned for their handmade dance and sport shoes. More recently they have shifted towards creating a more fashion-oriented line of footwear which still retains the thin, supple sole, making them a real pleasure to wear.

Equipment's androgynous silhouettes are synonymous with french minimalism, inevitably making them an inexhaustible wardrobe staple. This spring/summer season we are graced with silk blouses in blinding hues that even the most colour-shy can't resist!

I'm currently eyeing off this gorgeous Equipment dress in 'lime punch'- It'll be the perfect way to inject a bit of zest into my monotone wardrobe.

Image via Jazzi McG

M x

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